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Blue Mitted ♂

Our lovely breeding male from PL* Ragissa. Definetly our dreamboy with that temper he has.


Blue Bicolor ♀

The most amazing girl, Zelina is from DK Vandoll. She is everybodys best friend in our home. We call her Ina.


Chocolate Mitted ♀

Our sweet chocolate girl from DK Prema-Panda, we got in summer 2014. Mischa is a dream to have in a cattery with her personality.


Seal Mitted ♀

A girl from PL*Beruthiel, Tehila is a funny girl, she purrs so laud and likes to cuddle.


Lilac Tabby Mitted ♂

Our boy from SE*Neverfurget. Dobby is our first tabby in the cattery.


Blue Mitted ♀

Color is our own breeding. The first keeper in the cattery.

About Miss Smilla

Who are Miss Smilla

About Miss Smilla

We are a loving cattery, where the cats are family members. We focus on breeding by FiFE standard, and make cats with "the real" ragdoll temper. My boyfriend Mike and I lives in a parcelhouse in Herning, Denmark. About Mike: Im educated as an shopsassistant, and now under education as a datatechnician. I grew up with both dogs and cats, and find pets as a big part of my family. About Pernille: In 2013 I became a dog groomer. We had cats at home when I was a child and I have always loved all kinds of pets. I am especially fascinated of reaccepts, because you can find exactly the cat who fits you and your personality. It got me reading about all kinds of cats and wrote down the ones I like the most. On top of the list was Ragdolls. I really like their loving and truhfull personality, which reminds of a dog, Their diamond blue eyes, the silky coat and their ability to relax completely when you pick them up. After being on shows and seen the ragdoll, and met some of the breeders, I started my cattery and bought Java & Que in the summer of 2013. The cats are our familymembers and lives with us in the house, and with our housecat Mio and a little dog Lucky.


  •   7400 Herning, Denmark

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